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PHPB2B is a free open source management system for B2B e-commerce website industry, as a B2B world’s first open source system, since its inception in 2007, affected by the global users of all ages, in the open source platform SOURCEFORGE has more than 90,000 times, and in the official downloads is reached more than 600,000 times, while directly contributing to the domestic many open source programs and development of B2B in the 4.0RC version launched, we received from countries around the world, many of the recommendations and opinions, in this version, based on nearly a month after our research and development and improvement, the official version 4.0 official to meet with you, this version still uses the PHP language, Mysql database, support MVC pattern (PHPB2B is currently the only support for the model B2B framework) to support the Apache server and the IIS server, compatible with various browsers, SEO optimization more thoroughly, more powerful user experience.

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